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Get Active Cornwall is working together with to provide route mapping to users of the website.

Getting started with is easy! Go to the Route Mapping tab and enter your address or city in the top left address field. Click the GO button (green button with an arrow on it) and a map of your area will load. If it fails to load the correct map, try a different or more specific version of your address and try again. 

Once your map is loaded, you can navigate to your specific area by clicking and dragging the map itself. Drag greater distances by zooming out using the Zoom Slider on the top right area of the map. Or, zoom closer to see better detail.

To start plotting your route just start clicking on the map along your route. If you make a mistake, click and drag the point you created or click the UNDO button. It's that easy!

You can describe your route by adding "points of interest" markers or photos, such as the location of facilities or a picture of the start. Click the Point of Interest button and you cursor will turn into a push pin and then click somewhere on the map.

You can save your routes (please add GAC before your route name so all members can easily find your route) and receive a PERMALINK ID that you can blog or email to a friend. If you are a registered user and logged in, you have the option of making your route public or private.



The route mapping tool is hosted by, for more information please visit 'Help and more...' section within the Route Mapping page.

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