Active at Home

Active at Home
Due to coronavirus and shielding we are all spending more time within our home, this can be frustrating and upsetting, and it can be harder to be active when you can't do your normal daily activities.

Sitting more and moving less for long periods can lead to loss of physical condition, strength and balance and increases the risk of health problems and falls.

We should all try to avoid any long periods of inactivity and find ways to build movement into our daily routines. Everyday activities such as cleaning, gardening, climbing the stairs and walking can all help as well as more specific exercises from a chair or standing position.

Any movement no matter how small is good, particularly if it helps you to stay strong and steady, makes you feel a little bit warm and makes you breathe a little faster.

Sport England and Public Health England have developed a booklet to support older people and those who are shielded to be active and healthy at home that can be downloaded here. The links below offer further advice, guidance and free online activity opportunities for a range of abilities. If you are concerned at all about your ability to take part in please ask your doctor or a healthcare professional for advice.

Free to access online activity sessions

10 Today
An exercise programme from Sport England/Demos designed by older people for older people to protect against poor health, improve mental wellbeing and maintain independence. Broadcast on Cornwall CHBN Radio 100.8 FM, 10.10am each weekday (Mon-Fri) or as a series of videos

Move it or Loose it
A range of on-line sessions, live classes and subscription based video club designed by experts in ageing to help you improve your flexibility, balance and strength for greater independence.
Visit their Facebook Page

Healthy Cornwall
A range of on-line home workout videos that are low to moderate level and don't need any specialist equipment. All you need is a chair and a couple of tins of food or bottles of water to hand as weights.
Visit their YouTube Channel.

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