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Kelly's Story:

I had never led a particularly active lifestyle since my teens - it simply didn't interest me. Unsurprisingly, by the time I reached my mid-twenties I had gained a lot of weight and was wearing a size 18, and if I am being honest - they were becoming rather snug!

Around this time I received an e-mail through my work regarding the 'Get Active Challenge' and I decided to give it a go. This challenge became a significant turning point for me. It provided a great way of motivating me to be more active and showed that despite being extremely busy with work and home life, with forward planning, you can fit in time when you need to.

The health benefits were apparent very quickly. My weight came down, my fitness level went up and I was feeling much more confident in myself. Since then I have completed several marathons and I am now in a size 12, and enjoy my active lifestyle. I still enjoy a night in front of the TV - and that will always be there, but it is part of my more balanced lifestyle now. So if you are sitting there thinking this is not for you, think again, take the Challenge and change your life today.



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