Overcome your concerns

"I don't have the time"

Walking is the easiest exercise to fit into a busy lifestyle since you can do it anywhere at a time that suits you. It's better than sweating on a packed bus or train, or getting stressed in a traffic jam. You'll still have to make a little effort to find time, but remember active people live longer and have a healthier old age. So think of your walking time as a good investment!

"I don't know any good places to walk"

Sometimes main roads don't feel like the nicest and safest places to walk but there are lots of beaches, coastal paths, woods and other interesting public footpaths in Cornwall to discover. Even if you're stuck for transport and live in the middle of a town, there are always quieter streets and interesting routes to find.

Living in such a desirable county to explore, there are lots of guidebooks for good walks in Cornwall; it's also worth asking your friends if they know of any good areas to walk; or better still, there are also lots of organised walks that you can join - click here to find one

"I don't feel safe on the streets"

It's understandable that people are concerned for their personal safety, but it doesn't have to stop you enjoying the benefits of walking. If you can, walk with a companion or on an organised walk, and see our section on walking safely.

Something to think about is that the more people who walk, the safer the streets will be!

"I don't have anyone to walk with"

Ask your family, friends and colleagues if they're interested in walking with you. Or, why not try an organised walk - click here to find one near you!

"My kids won't walk"

Exercise is really important for kids, but it can be difficult to get them away from indoor activities like watching TV. Take a look at the Change4Life's ‘Fun games for every day walking' and ‘Fun walking games for parks and woodland' for great ideas to make walking more interesting for them.

"I'm too unfit to walk"

Walking is a natural and easy exercise that you can start doing in small amounts and build up slowly. That makes it perfect for people who are very unfit or recovering from an illness. Very few of us are so unfit that we'd endanger ourselves by walking, but if you have any doubts, talk to your doctor first.

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