Overcome your concerns

“I don’t find swimming pools enjoyable”

Cracked tiles and dirt on the bottom of the pool are a thing of the past – swimming pools have changed a lot with enhanced facilities; including better and more changing rooms, warmer showers, safer lockers and improved cleanliness.

“I hate the smell!”

Most modern pools now use alternative ways to keep their venues clean which results in les use of smelly chemicals.

In the summer, why not look at swimming in an outdoor pool or, where safe, a lake, river or the sea.

“It’s a hassle!”

Getting undressed and getting wet is a necessary part of going swimming but it needn’t be as big a problem as a lot of people see it.

Why not go for a swim before you go to work in the morning or on your way home from work, or maybe late in the evening, to cut down the number of times you need to shower and get changed?

“It’s not as effective as going to the gym”

Because you don’t get as hot and sweaty as you would after the same amount of time in the gym doesn’t mean you haven’t worked just as hard!

In fact, the pressure and resistance of the water actually makes your body work harder and 30 minutes of water-based activity is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land.

“Just swimming up and down a pool is boring!”

There are quite a lot of ways to make your swimming session a bit more interesting. Why not try swimming lengths of the pool in different strokes or take a friend along with you for joint support and to keep you more committed.

You could also try a different activity, such as aquafit, water polo, diving or even underwater hockey!

Another incentive to keep you more interested in swimming is to train for a challenge, such as a swimathon, aquathlon or triathlon. With Cornwall literally surrounded by coastline, there are plenty taking place around the county.

“I don’t want people looking at me in my swimsuit”

This is one major worry that a lot of people have about going swimming but, in all honesty, nobody really does look at anybody else because they’re too involved in what they’re doing.

If it is something that really does play on your mind, why not consider going to an adults only session or when the pool’s quietest.

“It’s too expensive”

A single swim is usually cheaper than a bottle of wine, but with added benefits!

To cut the costs a little bit, it may be worth looking into purchasing a book of vouchers or even a membership with your local pool (which costs less that an average visit to the hairdresser!)

“I don’t feel like I’m a strong enough swimmer”

The joy of going to a swimming pool is that they are manned by lifeguards so, even if you do find yourself struggling at the deep end, they will be on hand to help you out.

If you wanted to improve your technique, Swimfit is a free online resource which offers tailored training programmes, expert advice and online coaching tools. Or, you could also look into paying for private lessons with an instructor at your local pool.

If you’re over 11 years old and a complete beginner, and want to learn how to swim then there’s some great new… you are now able to access free swimming lessons! Click here for details.

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