Trackometer - Mobile Phone App

Trackometer is the phone application that extends the Route Planning ( from an online planning tool to an in-your-pocket training companion. Available as a downloadable application, Trackometer is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to run, walk, bike, hike, geocache or in general keep track of time, distance and routes.

Route Maps Made Easy

Trackometer utilizes the GPS feature of the phone to record the distance that you've traveled and the elevation changes of your route. Taking advantage of the phone data connectivity, routes can be uploaded to from anywhere, anytime. No cables to connect. It's as easy as that!

When you get back home, visit the RunningMap web application and you will see your new route under "MY ROUTES". You can now share routes with friends or the RunningMap community as a whole. You decide. Brag about a time for your latest run, share a great new hiking route with friends, or turn on the elevation feature and show your cycling buddies how you are the "King of the Mountains".


Track and Measure your Workouts

Keeping track of your activities has never been simpler. Once your laces are tied and you are ready to go, simply:

  1. Open Trackometer and tap the START button to start the stopwatch and the route tracking feature
  2. Get a move on!
  3. When you are finished your activity, tap the STOP button
  4. Tap the ROUTES button to fill in details about the route you just created
  5. Then tap UPLOAD and you are done!


  • Track your time and distance during activity
  • Record your route using GPS
  • Describe and tag your route
  • Upload your route to and view it on a map along with an elevation profile
  • Share your route with friends or store it for future reference

Minimum Requirements:

  • GPS enabled iPhone with OS 3.0 or Android 2.2 and up
  • Access to current location data
  • Access to data network to upload saved routes

If you have a technical question, suggestion or feature request, send us an email:


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