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Cycling solves so many problems at once: it keeps you fit, it's convenient, quick, cheap, reliable and good for the environment too! Getting on your bike is one of the easiest ways to keep fit and the best thing about cycling is that almost anyone can do it, anywhere, at any time.

But, why exactly should you get on your bike?...

  • Cycling is good for your heart and health - everyday cycling, where it leaves you breathing heavily but not out of breath, is an effective and enjoyable form of aerobic exercise which is the most effective form of exercise at promoting good health
  • It reduces the risk of serious health conditions, such as:
    • heart disease
    • high blood pressure
    • obesity 
    • the most common form of diabetes
  • Cycling burns calories so will help you lose weight - and keep that weight off!
  • Cycling can improve your mood and have positive effects on how you feel - reducing levels of depression and stress, and raising self-esteem. It has also been found to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
  • Cycling can help to maintain strength and coordination, particularly leg strength
  • It will greatly improve fitness (according to a Department of Transport study, people who do not exercise and then start cycling move from the third of the population who are the least fit, to the fittest half of the population in just a few months.)
  • It can be undertaken by the majority of the population as part of a daily routine
  • Cyclists breathe in less fumes than car drivers (It's a lesser known fact that cyclists and pedestrians actually absorb lower levels of pollutants from traffic fumes than car drivers!) 



The details...



Apart from the initial cost of buying and then periodically maintaining or hiring a bike, you don't need to spend a thing!


Kit required

Lock and lights
Cycle helmet (recommended but your choice)


Opportunities to get cycling in Cornwall

With such a beautiful county to explore, there is a never-ending choice of places to go on your bike either for recreation or as part of your journey to work or school.

For some inspiration, why not take a look at some of the routes already mapped out!


Seasonal availability

All year round.


Social opportunities

Going on a cycle ride as a family or with friends is a great way to exercise whilst having fun and it is easily something you can do with friends.

It also offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people with various organised cycle rides taking place, and cycle groups to join across the county; or just being able to meet people in your community as you explore.


Who can cycle?

There are no real age barriers to cycling and people of most fitness levels can cycle; slowly and gently if necessary.

Those of all body shapes and all but the most extreme body weights can ride a bike.

Anyone with heart disease or other health conditions that affect their mobility should, of course, consult their doctor before starting any exercise programme.


Fitness level required



Potential calorie burn
(for 30 minutes at moderate intensity)




April 2020

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